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Debenhams Wedding Insurance – April 2018

/Debenhams Wedding Insurance – April 2018
Debenhams Wedding Insurance – April 2018 2018-04-07T12:38:39+01:00

Debenhams Wedding Insurance

Debenhams Wedding Insurance

Levels of Cover

8.0 /10

Included in Cover

9.0 /10

Customer Service

8.5 /10

Value for Money

9.0 /10


  • Five levels of cancellation cover
  • Wedding insurance abroad at no extra cost
  • 10% online discount and FREE £10 Debenhams gift card
  • Up to £27,500 Failure of suppliers


  • Max Cancellation Cover £60,000
  • Excess £25 and £50 depending on the level of cover
  • Insurance starts from £59.95

Debenhams Wedding InsuranceWhether you’re having a relatively low key wedding or a lavish full blown affair, taking out wedding insurance will give you peace of mind. Waking up on your wedding day feeling nervous and with butterflies in your stomach is far preferable to having worries about the lack of wedding insurance playing on your mind.

Debenhams Wedding Insurance offers wide coverage for your special day and also includes a 10 percent discount if you buy online. With five levels to choose from starting at £59.95 for up to £10,000 cancellation cover rising to £209.32 for up to £60,000 of cancellation cover, there’s a plan to suit all budgets and most eventualities. From something as catastrophic as the cancellation of your wedding down to your florist going bust just before the wedding day, a Debenhams Wedding Insurance plan will offer you ample protection depending on the level of cover you buy.

Buy Debenhams Wedding Insurance Today and get a 10% online discount and FREE £10 Debenhams gift card to spend in store.

Here is an overview of what Debenhams Wedding Insurance covers.

Events and losses Gold Emerald Platinum Ruby Diamond
Cancellation £10k £15k £25k £35k £60k
Failure of suppliers £5k £7.5k £12.5k £18.5k £27.5k
Wedding gifts £2.5k £4k £7k £10k £12.5k
Wedding transport £3k £7.5k £10k £12.5k £25k
Photographs and video £5k £7.5k £10k £18.5k £27.5k
Rearrangement £10k £15k £25k £35k £60k
Wedding rings £2.5k £4k £6k £9k £12.5k
Wedding cake and flowers £3k £7.5k £10k £12.5k £15k
Wedding attire £5k £8k £10k £15k £25k
Attendent’s gifts £3k £7.5k £10k £12.5k £15k
Document indemnity £250 £500 £1k £1k £1k
Legal expenses £5k £10k £10k £20k £20k
Public liability (UK only) £2.5m £2.5m £2.5m £2.5m £2.5m
Personal liability £2m £2m £2m £2m £2m
Personal accident £20k £30k £40k £40k £40k
Premium (inc IPT) £59.95 £79.93 £102.03 £156.72 £209.32

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Here is a quick review of what you can expect your Debenhams wedding insurance policy typically cover:

  • Cancellation of the wedding and/or reception as well as the cost of re-arranging. Not surprisingly, it doesn’t cover the possibility of one or other of you having a change of heart.
  • Wedding attire – This covers damage or loss to the wedding garments worn by the bride, groom, and attendants.
  • Wedding presents – Cover against loss, theft or damage plus Debenhams gift list items are given an extended three month guarantee.
  • Loss or damage to the wedding rings, attendants’ gifts, flowers and the wedding cake.
  • Failure of the wedding car hire company to meet their contracted obligations.
  • Photography/Video – cover against the non-appearance of the photographer and/or videographer and loss or damage to the negatives or digital media.
  • Failure of suppliers – should a pre-booked supplier become bankrupt or go into liquidation.
  • Essential documentation –  The loss of any necessary documents which have to accompany the bride and groom on an overseas wedding.
  • Personal liability – Cover for the bride and groom should they be held liable for any damage to a third party’s property or for injury to another person. For less than £20 extra, this can be updated to public liability to cover the whole wedding party.
  • Personal accident which covers the bride and groom against any bodily injury incurred on the wedding day which within 12 months results in death, loss of limbs, or permanent disability.

Buy Debenhams Wedding Insurance Today and get a 10% online discount and FREE £10 Debenhams gift card to spend in store.

In addition both marquee insurance and ceremonial sword cover can be purchased separately, but please not that this cover does not apply outside of the UK.

Should you have to make a claim there will be an excess to pay in most sections of between £25 and £50 depending on the level of cover. As with all insurance, certain limitations and exclusions apply so be sure to read through the fine print of your Debenhams policy to avoid any nasty surprises.

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