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Things to consider before purchasing Age UK Car Insurance?

If you are looking for car insurance tailored to the more mature and experienced driver, at reduced premiums then Age UK is an excellent place to start. There are no hidden administration, , adjustment, cancellation, or duplicate document fees, no interest will be added for choosing to pay monthly, and no ‘Direct Debit Fee’ should you choose to pay monthly. Age UK customer service will assist you for no extra charge, you can rely on Age UK providing you with a policy that really gives you both peace of mind and value for money.

Q. Who is eligible for Age UK Car Insurance and what are the age restrictions? Can young drivers be included on the policy?

A. Although this is an over 50s car insurance, there is no age restriction for other named drivers, subject to acceptance by the insurer.

Q. Do Age UK provide a courtesy car during repairs?

A. Yes. As long as you have chosen the comprehensive cover, the insurer, Ageas Insurance Limited, will provide a courtesy car in the event of an accident or when recovered damaged following a theft, whilst repairs are being carried out by an approved Ageas repairer.

Full Age UK policy details can be downloaded here.

Age UK Car Insurance – What features and benefits are included?

Cover Comprehensive Third party, Fire & Theft Third party only Significant limitations
Liabilities to third parties Yes Yes Yes £20,000,000 limit for third party property damage.
Use of your car in EU Yes Yes Yes Maximum 180 days in any one period of insurance.
Driving a car that does not belong to you Yes Yes Yes Cover only applies for the policyholder and if shown on the certificate of motor insurance. Cover is Third Party only.
Accidental damage to your own car Yes No No Market value. Subject to excesses. Additional excesses for young or inexperienced drivers. New car replacement.
Damage to own car by fire or theft Yes Yes No Market value. £100 excess. New car replacement.
Audio, navigation, entertainment and telephone equipment Yes Yes No Cover only applies to equipment permanently fitted to the car.
Personal belongings Yes No No Up to £300.
Broken windows or windscreen Yes No No £50 replacement excess. £100 limit if Age UK approved glassline is not used.
Personal accident and road rage Yes No No Policyholder, spouse and civil partner: death £5,000; loss of sight or limb £5,000.
Medical expenses Yes No No Up to £500 each person.
Replacement locks Yes No No £100 excess.

Up to £500.

Trailer cover Yes Yes No Up to £250 if single-axle and attached.
Medical emergencies Yes Yes Yes Within 24 hours of emergency occuring.