John Lewis Wedding Insurance Review

If you are looking to protect your wedding day, then one of the most important things to focus on is acquiring wedding insurance well in advance of the wedding. John Lewis Wedding Insurance is one of the most popular and respected services in the country today if you want complete wedding protection, but is it worth the money? Let’s find that out right now!

What makes John Lewis Wedding Insurance a great company to work with is the fact that they bring in a multitude of insurance levels to meet your needs and requirements no matter how big or small your wedding. They offer you protection from £10,000 to £100,000 max, as the levels increase. Coverage includes anything from bad weather to supplier failure, illness and many other potential situations.

A great reason for choosing John Lewis is the peace of mind as every detail of your wedding will be protected should something go wrong. This allows you to focus on and enjoy your wedding day, which will sure to be an amazing experience right from the start. It’s essential that they also cover cancellations as well, which means that even if you have to rearrange your wedding, the deposits or costs can be claimed back.

With premiums starting at just £58 and receiving around £10000 in cover can only be a very good investment, especially since this is a one off payment and not a recurring, which means that you will have an easy and cost effective way to protect your wedding.

You may need to pay more than the £58 level 1 cover when you take out John Lewis Wedding Insurance, it all comes down to the wedding type, size, cost, reception and many other criteria. There are a few other optional additions to the normal coverage, which includes marquee coverage and so on.

John Lewis is one of the few insurance companies that provide wedding ring coverage as standard, which is a major plus in my books, not to mention that they protect the wedding cake, flowers and even the wedding photography options you choose, a great investment as a whole. John Lewis Wedding Insurance has a great reputation for excellent customer care and offers complete coverage even if the suppliers go bankrupt or if there is a breach of contract.

Overall, John Lewis Wedding Insurance coverage is comprehensive so that you can have peace of mind in the months of planning and the actual wedding day itself. The prices and levels on offer are very competitive and well worth checking out, but what makes the company great is its amazing reputation, professionalism and the numerous other benefits they offer. All in all, if you want reliable wedding insurance, one that won’t cost the earth but which provides you with comprehensive cover, you should give John Lewis Wedding Insurance a try, as they are one of the best in this industry! Click the image below to get an instant free quote.

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