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  • Six levels of cancellation cover
  • Max Cancellation Cover £100,000
  • Wedding photos cover included


  • Marquee cover extra
  • Overseas cover extra
  • Insurance starts from £60

What does John Lewis wedding insurance cover?

I have been thinking about taking out John Lewis wedding insurance, but what does it actually cover?

When I looked into this I found that John Lewis wedding insurance has 6 levels of cover and all cover the following: Cancellation or rearrangement, Loss or damage, Failure of suppliers, Wedding rings, Wedding gifts, Legal expenses and Public liability. There are a couple of optional extras and these are Marquee cover and Overseas wedding cover.

John Lewis InsuranceSo you’re busy planning your wedding and immersing yourself in venues, bridal gowns, flowers and catering, but what about wedding insurance, does that feature in your plans? With weddings costing as much as a luxury family car, surely it makes sense to protect yourself should disaster strike.

John Lewis is a name, which is synonymous with quality and fair prices, and the same can be said of their wedding insurance.

There are 6 levels of cover shown in the table below.

John Lewis Wedding Insurance Cover

John Lewis Wedding Insurance is available in six levels of cover starting at less than £60 for £10,000 cancellation coverage and rising up to £310.00 for £100,000 cancellation coverage, so there really is a tier of insurance to cover all budgets. Clearly the higher the premium cost then the greater value of coverage is offered.

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Here is a quick review of what you can expect your John Lewis Wedding Insurance Policy to typically cover:

  • Reimbursement should your wedding be cancelled, plus any costs for re-arrangement. This doesn’t include one or other of you getting cold feet.
  • Wedding attire, which includes loss or damage to wedding and ceremonial attire.
  • Your wedding presents, rings, cake, stationery, and flowers are all covered should they get lost, damaged, or stolen.
  • Photographs/video – Should your photographer not turn up, or the negatives or digital media gets lost or damaged, then you can be rest assured that the cost of taking re-shoots is going to be covered.
  • Transport – Should your fairy-tale golden coach fail to materialise, or your limo doesn’t arrive, then although you’ll be disappointed, the insurance will compensate you.
  • Supplier failure – Don’t worry…if the worst happens and one of your suppliers goes bust or fails to turn up, then you won’t even be out of pocket. Any monies paid out will be reimbursed.
  • Public liability – Hopefully, you won’t have to claim on this one, but should you get held responsible for damaging a third party’s property or even worse for injuring another person, then cover of over £2 million is included.
  • Legal Expenses – Should there be an unfortunate dispute over personal injury or death, then John Lewis insurance provides legal cover for you and your family of up to £50,000.

In addition to the above, optional extras such as overseas wedding insurance or marquee cover can be purchased separately.

Should you need to make a claim then there is an excess of £50 to be paid on all levels.

Given the overall cost of your wedding, the price of John Lewis wedding insurance is a comparatively small price to pay for peace of mind, should the unexpected happen. As with any insurance there are certain limitation and exclusions, so read the small print to know exactly where you stand.

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John Lewis Wedding Insurance Voucher Codes Available: 

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Low Cost Cover from £60 at John Lewis Wedding Insurance

Description: Wedding Insurance Cover from £60 at John Lewis Wedding Insurance
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Optional Marquee Cover for Weddings Taking Place in the UK at John Lewis Wedding Insurance.

Description: Wedding Marquee Cover Against Damage or Vandalism at John Lewis Wedding Insurance.
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Overseas Wedding Cover Available at John Lewis Wedding Insurance

Description: John Lewis can cover your wedding and reception if they’re taking place abroad.
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Wedding Ring Cover up to £6000 at John Lewis Wedding Insurance

Description: John Lewis can cover your protect your wedding rings against loss of damage with John Lewis Wedding Insurance
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Instant Quote Available at John Lewis Wedding Insurance - Save Now

Description: Instant Quote Available at John Lewis Wedding Insurance.
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