Many couples choose to marry abroad and with the image of sun kissed beaches, blue sparkling waters, and swaying palm trees etched in their minds, it’s not hard to see why. Whether you are getting married in a romantic city like Paris or Venice or on an exotic Pacific Island, you naturally want everything about your wedding day to be perfect. The list of things to worry about when getting married abroad may be a little longer, but taking out overseas wedding insurance is one more thing to tick off your list.

Most wedding insurance includes cover for weddings abroad but with some, such as John Lewis, you may have to take out an overseas wedding insurance option in addition to their wedding insurance policy. With prices starting from less than £40 it’s a ridiculously cheap price to pay for your peace of mind, and with many levels of cover to choose from, there’s always a solution to suit every need and budget.

Even the most carefully planned wedding can be threatened by unforeseen circumstances, but by investing in wedding insurance, you can be covered from most eventualities, meaning you can relax and enjoy your special day.

So, what’s covered?

1  Cancellation and re-arrangement of the wedding and reception
2  Essential documents necessary to get married
3  Wedding attire
4  Weddings rings, cake and flowers
5  Photos and video
6  Wedding gifts
7  Transport
8  Supplier failure
9  Legal fees
10  Personal liability
11  Personal accident

Naturally the higher the premium, the more coverage is included but with all insurances there are certain limitations and exclusions so always check to make sure of the finer details.

Getting married abroad is exciting and will give you memories to cherish forever. However don’t let them be for the wrong reasons, just because you didn’t take out wedding insurance.